Core Values

  • Trans-generational and diversity equity across all peoples and species in achieving environmental quality

  • Adirondack and ecosystem-based planning on state, community, protected, and private landscapes

  • Sustaining biodiversity, cultural integrity and wild land recreational management, and social economic values

  • Effective climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions, planning, and management for private landscapes, communities, and protected areas

Essential Themes

  • Wilderness and wild land values

  • Ecological and environmental integrity solutions, and benefits

  • Whole Park community goal setting, planning, and achievement

  • Value-added inter-generational diversity, economies and sustainability in rural, exurban, and protected landscapes

  • Indigenous rights and equitable representation in land and earth decision-making

  • International “Partner Parks” and Model Mountain Protected Areas Collaboration and Joint Advancement

  • Advancing client-based and landowner goals in conservation designed, ecologically-centered land use and land and forest resources management

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