Explore these and other NEEDS and DREAMS for the land and your community with TOTEM Adirondack Consulting Group, LLC

For Environmental & Cultural Non-Profits at reduced non-profit rates:

  • Project and program design, management & leadership

  • Grants research, writing and follow through implementation

  • Media outreach design and implementation

  • Environmental, wilderness, protected areas management, conservation monitoring

  • Policy research, advocacy representation before state agencies and governing authorities

  • Issue research, monitoring, assessment and Freedom of Information Act (FOIL) actions

  • Day field explorations

  • International exchange leadership & coordination

For Private Land Owners and Individuals:

  • Ecologically sustainable land and forest management planning and design

  • Wildlife enhancement, management and design

  • Forest valuation assessment

  • Research, writing and telling your own Adirondack land story, book publications

  • Wilderness healing – experiential tours

  • Cultural, Shamanic & Native Adventure Tours in Siberia, Russia and Mongolia

For Local Governments & State Agencies:

  • Land use planning, design and coordination with Planning Boards

  • Conservation design planning for critical land areas, habitats or resources

  • Mitigation & adaptation planning for climate change impacts

  • Environmental Policy review and assessment

For International Partners & Collaborators:

  • Virtual Partner Collaborations & Webinars

  • Adirondack & International Cultural and Ecological exchange leadership & coordination

  • Partner Parks and Mountain Protected Areas Land Use Planning and International Project Leadership

  • Indigenous Rights Assessment and Coordination, Capacity Building, Outreach